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Madison Bumgarner leaving a legacy


Having won three World Series rings and MVP honors, the legendary starting Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants can certainly rebound in 2017 from being bounced out of the 2016 MLB playoffs despite his excellent performance. Just being mentioned in conversations about whether or not Madison Bumgarner is one of the greatest Pitchers of all-time shows that he can still give the Giants a chance at going all the way.

He has been able to put on a show for an extended period of time, something that may be the most difficult part of really having an impact on the game. Throughout his postseason career, he has maintained one of the best all-time lowest ERA and has the most scoreless postseason starts. He not only gets it done in the regular season, but most of all when it counts.

With the Giants looking to improve on their 2016 campaign, Madison will be heavily counted on to deliver stellar numbers like has done most of his career. He has a destiny awaiting for him in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but before he gets there he could still get a ring for every finger on his pitching hand.